Norm Tallant

Norm's a California native who approaches his photo shoots in a uniquely California way. Fashion and beauty is Norm's passion; he's always asking "What's better than pretty clothes on a pretty girl?" and hasn't found the answer yet. He got his photographic training right here in Los Angeles, at SMC to be precise, where he graduated with nearly a 4.0 average. Curse that 'B+' grade in History of Photography! In a previous life, Norm worked in the high-tech industry for companies such as Reuters, HP, & Netscape.

Leah Monnette

Leah's family moved all around the world before settling near Fort Knox when Leah was in her teens. After attending university she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of a career in acting. She makes certain that our photoshoots actually happen and has a great eye for detail, design, & style!